Sunday, June 27, 2010

How are you ??

The phone has messages says the blinking red light
I should probably check - they keep gathering
The laundry is past due - clothes overflowing the basket
Strewn wrinkled worn but not touched

Hunger knocks but I'd rather make coffee
I head to the kitchen and then withdraw hastily
The sink is filled - when was the last time I cooked ?
Oh yeah! That dinner with friends …… a faint memory

I head out to get food
They stare at the world outside
These bugs on my windshield 
staring at the world 
This world - moving changing 
moving on till everythings changed 

it is night now - a sunday night 
work is tomorrow - I should sleep
yet I am fascinated with the clock
4:05 AM tick tick tick …..

I get into the shower - the water is cold 
I shiver and yet, wish to feel it more
Oh it has been so long 
The numbness has begin to hurt 
I run the water harder 
Hoping it drowns the sobs 

Monday afternoon and I take a break ..
"Hey! How are you?" says a friend
I didn't notice or may be I refuse to
"Are you ok ?"
"I am fine" -  I say 

I am staring at the coffee 
It is going cold ..

 - Sanket


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