Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Going Insane!


Its school back again after the misleadingly called 'Spring Break' . Let me tell u why, well the term 'Spring Break' is wrong on two counts: first Spring was hardly spring with rains and second there is no such thing as break in a grad program, there is always work, there is always research and there are always projects that are due the day u will resume classes. So really the term 'Spring Break' sucks.

Also since school started (and its only been two days) I have been royally screwed for I didnt study in the break. Well ya, I know that statement kinda sounds stupid cos well its break : who studies in the break? but here I am all messed up just cos I took the break for what it shuld be and not what it is.

Meanwhile I keep missing Mumbai a lot and everytime I see a picture from back home or come across any news from Mumbai I wonder what infamous desire made me come to this lonely place.

For the moment though this is all the time I can spare. So lets see what further goes wrong?


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