Tuesday, September 06, 2005

6 PM

I believe every hour of the waking day has a character. An early morning 7 signifies fresh start, a bright entusiasm for work. An afternoon 2pm signifies a slow paced after lunch hour. A 9pm might suggest dinner. An 11pm could mean great sex.

But one of the most colorful hours is the 6pm hour. Prime time as we call it.

6PM is a really special time for a lot of reasons. Its when u have finished the work for that day and are relaxed. Its time when u can do what u like.

Its blessed with special features. Its when the sun light is soft and loving on your face. Trees, leaves, buildings, glass panes, standing water, everything is turned into a beautiful piece of work to enjoy by a touch of the 6PM sunlight. Its when the wind is cool, strong but pleasent. When u really enjoy the senses. When the wind doesnt howl in your ears but talks to u instead. Its when the birds decide to let loose, when they sing and fly free making a sight to see.

Its the most common hour on class chits. 'Meet me for coffee, 6pm, this place, keep your hair straight I love it that way.'

'Movie, college theatre, tickets done, 6PM'.

'Tennis, college court, 6PM'

'Shopping , planet M, 6PM'

Its when the city is at its best behaviour. Its the date hour.

Here in Jacksonville, I usually go for a long walk at 6PM. I walk the grass lands, under the trees and into the open. I can see the houses and the small lakes infront of them take on a different character. I can see the sky clear and colourful, changing and beautiful streched out above me, from horizon to horizon, embracing me.

Its a time and atmosphere when thoughts flow without restrictions.

When the mind wants to take flight, ride the wings of merry birds, race the wind, go high in the air and swirl with pleasure, then come down with a swish and glide elegantly, reach a green untouched strech of land and kiss the grass, then loose itself in the grass, nudging its blades ever so lovingly.

Its a time when I sit alone and think over many things. Its a time when I notice and observe the most. When I understand the subtle.

And then u want to share that experience with her. U want her by ur side, u want to see the light in her eyes, u want to just sit there and watch her endlessly.

Because the golden light makes her smooth skin glow, the glow enhanced by the sweet smell of her body. U want to see her hair dance in the breeze, u watch with wonder when they fall on her face and play with her mischieviously.

Its when she looks complete and happy. Its when your body doesnt crave her but enjoys her presence. And when she holds ur hand you feel you are invincible, you see life in its true color. You rule the world. You dont shy from challenges anymore cos u know her hand will hold u, should the weather turn bad.

And then suddenly I realise that there isnt anyone sitting besides me. That it was all an illusion. And then u feel a strange vaccum inside of u. It doesnt hurt you enough to cry but just leaves u blank. Then I think of the problems at hand and turn to face them.

But as I leave the grass fields and go back home, I ask the setting sun, when will I see her, where is she, will she ever meet me?, will she like me. I tell the sun to ask her to come sooner. And with each day I give part of my hope away. I show whats left and ask the sun, how many more before it finishes.

No answers come. And so at 6PM I ask these questions .... only 6PM can do that!


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