Friday, January 28, 2011

Moment of truth

This conversation we began
I know not where 'd we start
Threads of thought forked in-numerous
Broke down walls 
And we talked.
Through evenings and nights and hours unheard
Through tears and anger and ecstasies untold 

'Til now that we stand in this net
And wherever I see,
Are tracks of our footsteps
I cant imagine how I travelled alone.
The footsteps are etched,
As tough carved in stone.

They reassure and yet, terrify
For I fear, the winds I once loved
Could erase our marks forever.
Or that you might walk away
And leave my heart severed

We've morphed our likes
To suit one another
And now they are so changed,
Even wanting we can not avert

Alas my friend,
It is the moment of truth
And I have to ask,
Shall we trudge snow and sand
And climb and fall together ?

Or shall you now let go,
And into this earth
Should I disappear ?

- Sanket


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