Thursday, May 22, 2008

The LIST :)

Dear Friends,

List of things a MAN should finish by the age of 30:

  1. Be accomplished and known in his field - respected by his peers and have a career that gives financial stability.
  2. Learn to play one music instrument well. 'Well' - meaning - should be able to perform in a cafe or at a house function/party.
  3. Learn to speak one foreign language as fluently as English.
  4. Learn one form of self defense.
  5. Should measure his height - find his ideal weight - and maintain his weight within +/- 3 pounds of that weight.
  6. Learn one form of ballroom dance - salsa or swing etc.
  7. Should have formed a good taste in wines and alcohol and should own a small private collection that one can enjoy at appropriate times.
  8. Should excel in making love to a woman. Which means do satisfy more than mere physically. Learn one form of cuisine and should be able to make good dinner.
  9. Should have travelled and experienced the culture of at least 3 countries other than his hometown.
  10. Should be able to swim like a fish.
  11. Should play one sport competitively.

And then you may declare yourself a true Global Citizen.

- Sanket


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