Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Its a hard life! Is it?

If you can force your nerve and sinew to serve their turn long after they are gone...... and so hold on when there is nothing left in you except the will which says to them ... 'Hold on'.

If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run............

My bible, gita and and my God demand a lot of things and they are all in a simple form visible to the human eye, nothing elusive or unearthly about it. You dont ask things from it, you dont expect my god to do anything for you, u understand that whatever it is u will achieve will always be of your own efforts.

Then what purpose one might ask this God of mine serves? Well it certainly gives you the inspiration to put the effort needed for success. Its almost insatiable and you wuld most certainly spend your entire life time trying to fit every condition it demands. But there is a promise it makes at the end and for that you strive.

There are days when u think everything is wrong, cos everything is so corrupted and soiled and dirty and you begin to question if the wrong lies withing you or with them for there are far too many to be wrong. But u go on, on what u belive to be true and all the time the burden increases and the demands become harder.

And you cant help but wonder, where did u start ? where are u going? and will u ever get there? No answers, only one thing you know for sure, that you will try as long as there is the body and there is the soul.


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