Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Long ?

How long will winter last for the young seed
As it dies alive, its spring denied

How long will the storm rage for the bird on edge
Waiting, for its wings to fly

How long should the capers halt before they lose step
As the child grows up and the boy dies

How long should the strings bear stretch
Their tunes mute, craving a master's hand

How long do the corks stay shut, as the wine waits
For a celebration to come by

How long should the secrets search a ear
Before they lose scent, And their mystery spoils

How long do the eyes fight sleep, their lust longing a touch
And desire succumbs to its own cries

How long do the lips hold shut, And silence the screams
Before they forget how to smile

How long should a heart seek love
Before it fills itself with ungiving sand

How long will the winter last, for the frosted seed
Why was its spring denied ??

- Sanket


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