Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The good things in Life!

A response to SOS - to cheer u up.

The good things in Life:

  1. Having good food - then snuggling into ur fav comforter and reading a nice book while it snows outside.
  2. Sitting with friends and having garma garam chai with bhajiya on a rainy evening - sipping hot tea while facing moist sprinkles of rain with a scented wind.
  3. Watching comprehensively - a beautiful woman - and the loveliness of her youth.
  4. Facing a fierce wind in ur face when you bike downhill.
  5. Feeling your heart recover and stabilize to a 72 after a nice run or a workout.
  6. Watching Madhuri smile in HAHK. Or Ravina dance in sizzling yellow on tip - tip barsa paani.
  7. Watching Sachin hit a boundary or a six and trash Shoaib (or whoever is there).
  8. The intellectual high you get - when you crack a problem or understand a concept.
  9. Cranberry and vodka.
  10. The acceleration ramp before you get onto an interstate.
  11. A sunrise with the promise of future.
  12. Facing an impossible problem and getting out of it - and enjoying quietly - privately ur victory.
  13. Butter Chicken and Sprite - or any Jeff Archer novel.
  14. The Fountainhead - The Lord of the Rings.
  15. Music - day in day out.
  16. Photography.
  17. Writing and poetry.
  18. Movies and pizza with friends.
  19. Risking life and limb for a close buddy - being a good friend.
  20. And may be that someone - someday whose smile can over ride all the things I said above.


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