Tuesday, August 09, 2005



money has been transferred - all account has been emptied - biggest risk I have ever personally taken - feel the weight of responsibility - my nerves are strained - heart is in a constant state of vulnerable vigil - like that of a hunted deer that knows the predator is close by.its time to revise some of the most important lessons of engineering - if u hold on long enough - if u fight hard enough - chances are u will survive. 8 times I was challenged - it was close - but I did hold ground - now this one comes along - some times u are hit so bad that u loose sense of how badly u are hit - it will sink in later - scars will remain - as all battles of this sort do leave them - I know - I have seen this before a few times - there is sense of duty - and somewhere there is that withered flower called hope.

- Sanket K


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