Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pinocchio's Nose

It had been some time, since Pinocchio had become a real boy.  And while initially he rejoiced in finding new life, soon enough life's troubles got to him. And so it came to be - that one night as Pinocchio sat desolate and alone staring at the sky, he caved in and summoned the Blue Fairy one more time...

 "Star shine star bright, the first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish, I might - have the wish I wish tonight!" And sure enough, a blue star glowed all the more blue and through a sliver of light appeared the Blue Fairy!

 "Tell me boy" - she said "Why do you look so sad??"

"I don't like being a real boy" he said. 
'There 's too much lie and deceit in people. And I find myself hurting again and again. I wish I went back to being just a wooden puppet - and never felt anything - never knew pain..'

The fair lady smiled at his appeal and waved her wand, she turned him into a wooden boy and bent down and ruffled his hair, then waved her wand again to turn him back alive.
And blew a soft breeze to straighten his hair, restore them back to once they were - once again. 

"Tell me boy, would you rather be a puppet - or once more be a real boy!" 

Pinocchio remained silent for a while. And pondered hard in his little mind, 

'Sure enough, I'd felt no pain. It would be nice not to feel pain. 
'Ah! - another voice countered. 'But the fair lady's touch you fancy! If you were not real, you would miss a thing as beautiful as that. Miss the touch, you so fancy! 

Alas, resigned, Pinocchio answered 'No, my lady, I wish to remain a real boy. But I want you to grant me one gift back....

'And what is that my boy? - the blue fairy asked. 

'I want my nose to grow when I lie or do anything bad. But not just mine, I wish everyone had a nose like mine that would grow and shrink with the deeds of the man. 

The Blue fairy smiled again.. 
'Strange it is, that you see a gift in what I once punished you with - This I will grant you - Pinocchio my boy.  From now on your nose will grow and shrink with every lie!

And so Pinocchio slept relieved. He thought, at least the world you be simpler. Oh! Yes - it definitely would be. For once a person's face, would tell you all there is to be.  He would no longer be lied to, And never would have to face deceit. At last, a person would be only as beautiful as he deserves to be!

Wake up he did next day, and went on about his little day. Confident and perky in his step.  A friend he met, Danny was his name, they had promised each other to buy new shoes - and exactly the same shoes - and wear it to school on the same day! 

But when he saw his friend's shoes, they were old. 

'Ah! You have broken your promise. You did not get your shoes. - he said. 

And Danny replied - 'No, I did go to the shop. I did not like the new shoes. No I did not! 

And sure enough as Pinocchio had wanted, Danny's nose grew larger even as he saw. 

'Oh! Danny. Let it be, I shall go on with my day without a friend - without thee! 

And so Pinocchio went on. And every person he met, he expected him to lie. And he rejoiced in joy as he saw their noses a tad too big, Oh yes, a tad too large... 

A good friend the Blue Fairy has been. He thought! 'I have to thank her. 

And so he called her again. And asked from the blue star, a favor once again. 

Once again through a sliver of blue light, the Blue Fairy came alive..

'Finally, you look happy my boy! - Tell me how was your day?? 

'Oh, I called to thank you - my fair lady. Everyones nose has grown long!! - he said.

'Really! - The fairy said. 
'To annoy you then, I should tell you, they are really not. I set them straight, not a tad too long, not a tad too large! 

Downcast and with a broken heart, Pinocchio asked 
'Must you lie too. Why set them straight. Why not keep them large??

'For all is not as it seems my boy. - she said.
'Did you know Danny's mother is sick. And with no money, the shoes, he could not buy. Walked he did all the way to the shop. And then kept the money to tend to his mother. Buy shoes - he did not. Though tears in his eyes, there were to be. I loved him more, for what he did. Yes, he lied to you. But out of shame and not deceit. Had you bothered to ask, a good friend you might have been..

Awful and ashamed Pinnochio felt. 'Oh! such a bad friend he was! 

'You seem to have noticed everyone's nose. You did not check yours? Did you not? - The fair lady asked. 

'No, my lady I did not. - he said. And saw with shock, his own nose, had grown so long, Oh so large.

'My lady, I did not do any wrong. I did not know Danny's mother was sick. How could I have known he did not deceive??? Tell me - why only my nose has grown large!!

'An unfair punishment it would have been. For no one but you knew their lies decide their faces to be...

'And while you did not know about Danny. You should have asked. 
Instead you rejoiced in everyone's misery and delighted in their fall.
Vengeance,  is never a virtue. It shall never be. It never was!  

And so Pinocchio went silent. He did not know what to do..

'Is there no one perfect. No one good - including me?? - he asked.

'No, my dear - The lady answered.

'You must take heart! Like you have realized if everyone tries to be.. 
'Though no man is perfect. Mankind might just be! 

'I do not think that will be so.  - said Pinocchio - still unconvinced. More than a little hurt and trying not to show - his tears to be. 

At last, the lady softened and felt tender for he was, but a boy! 

'Like the fingers of your hand - she said
'No one is powerful. But together as a hand, they are. 
Each one has its own purpose.
Together you can build the world as it should be! 

Then with a wave of her wand, she made Pinocchio's nose shrink back. 

Alas! A bit relieved he felt. He wasn't a bad boy, Not a bad boy after all...... 

'And sure I can make you of wood again. And sure you would never feel pain. But life as you have learned is strange and you will miss out on joy as well. 

'You are wise my lady. You know it all. But I get fooled by people's words and promises. And believe them to be virtuous as they claim to be. I have been hurt many times. Only because I chose to believe! - Pinocchio exclaimed. 

'In that you are right my boy. You should choose your friends carefully. But do not judge people bad - just so quickly. Do not assume the worst without finding the truth. The truth is often different - do not judge them - so hastily  - the fair lady replied. 

'What about the pretty girls! - Pinocchio asked. Determined he was - to learn all answers tonight. Know all that there was. 
'They seduce me with their smile. And then cast me aside. 
I feel used and stupid. 
Why gift them with beauty? Or why not make them beautiful inside? 

The fairy laughed - at the boy's dilemma. But was kind enough to reply..

'If all gifts were given to one. 
Wouldn't that be unwise??
And I could warn you of getting hurt. 
But then, you wouldn't dare or venture outside! 

'Though deceptive it might be,
You have to admit
There is art to seducing..  
And a pleasure in been seduced by.
Without tasting the aura of beauty
Its a pleasure, too good to miss 
A pleasure you should not deny.

'Find the good in people.
And live a day to its fullest.
For a day once gone, is a day gone by
Indeed there is some good in every person
Waiting to be found, Hidden until discovered by..

'You must choose your people
To love and to stand by,
A part of the earth to call your own
Your own little patch of sky

'This and many lessons there are to life.
And I could tell you all tonight
But the essence of living is to find your own way
Dream a new dream, every single night! 

And with that the Blue Fairy glowed even more beautiful. Too charming and lovely to behold she was. She kissed Pinocchio on his head. And turned to a star once again.

A Blue star in the sky she was. Shining bright. A fair blue light!  - Sanket


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