Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Work and Study..... the real deal!

Dad always said, " You are lucky, U dont need to work while u are in college.". Being pushed into working from the age of 18 (still working at 53) he wuld say this to me many times and I being the carefree abstract person I was never understood the meaning of those words.

Enter USA and end of life as u know it. I am now into studying and working life. Study takes from 9am to 5pm and work takes from 7pm to 2am. So really I now know what dad was talking abut.

Life becomes simple though. U reach home at an unearthly hour like 2:30 am, even on a famished stomach, u dont feel like eating, but u eat to keep the body alive, then sleep, sorry crash and before u know it, the alarm starts ringing. One of these days I am going to destroy that clock.

But there are days when I dont work and I assure that week ends remain free. So really I am not complaining abut it. Infact I am glad that I was pushed into doing this. Now I imagine what my father must have gone through at 18, cos he had no day off not even a sunday.

So today after 22 years of my existance I thanked him for all that he did and appologised for being rude many times. I am ok at admitting my mistakes when I realise that they are mine.

" Things change, roll with it!!" right!!


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