Thursday, May 13, 2010

Don't you know!

Too long have I searched for you

And now there aren't more places to look
Yet I will hold strong, 
I remember the promise I made
The promise you took

Through the words of a poem
The colors of a canvas
Through the works of art
And the notes of music
I have sought you

It is all a charade 
The anger, the apathy
The laughter and smiles of pain
The ice cold exterior
And the nerves of steel 

Though honest I am 
I have lied to myself
'Make it through one more day'
Did I not say that yesterday ?

I have lost myself amidst friends
And worked sleepless nights in vain
I have drowned intoxicated 
And found myself alone in a crowd
All over again

I remember what I said
Do you not know I lied ?
The wait is unbearable, 
The anguish intense
I may not hold strong 

Did it never cross your mind
That I might break ?
Too long, it has been too long
I want you to come
I want you to come now 

 - Sanket


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