Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Ideal Woman!!

Undoubtedly every young person has an image of who his/her ideal match would be. Well! This is my ideal woman - she's not an actual person - she's an idea .... 

My ideal woman should .........

Well, she's got to have amazing patience - as I am a very impatient person. She's got to be sweet - but not girlie. 

An outgoing person -  who can come running with me - and get excited about weird places to climb! 

Should have a clear skin - complexion doesn't matter, but her glow should radiate health! 

BIIG eyes and loooooong eye lashes - haha - I've always had a weakness for eyes! 

Has that amazing voice, a perfect combination of playful lust and sincere depth.  A voice that can be heard in a crowd - unmistakable - one that assuredly captures my attention - and sustains curiosity. Rich and versatile in its tones,  conveying much more than the actual words pronounced.  A voice I can get drunk upon.... 

A smart face, not an Aishwarya Rai - but a Perizaad Zorabian. Can look like the college girl next door - or the head turner professional - when she wants. Has a broad minded, scintillating taste of clothes. 

Has a magnetic sexuality - and knows it  - but doesn't misuse it against me :) 

Has her own moral core - and the guts to tell me "You are wrong!" - when she believes. 

Is unquestionably loyal and 24 x 7 honest.  Is generous - giving and compassionate. 

Isn't necessarily a great cook - but is always enthusiastic about cooking. Isn't necessarily accomplished - but is eager to learn. 

Someone who pushes me to work harder - and achieve more. Who expects and demands my very best - and makes me sleep on the couch - if I fall short :) 

Who enjoys her freedom responsibly and has very clear self-defined boundaries. 

Someone who is positive about new risks - supportive when ideas fail - and benevolent enough to never say ..... "I told you so!"

Has shoulder length, dark and lustrous hair, hair that can fly in an arc and scent the air they touch.  Hair that hold you close and make breathing a pleasure... that have the perfect convenient length from head to lap when sitting - so I can play.  

Weighs light enough to portably carry against her will. 

Has an electrifying touch, firm - yet distinctly feminine. 

A person who understands the sense of pride and never violates it. 

Ok - I think I have had too much alcohol (on a week day at that!) - I could go on and on and write a whole book on her. Truth is .... none of these matter if it is the right person. 

Anyways, thats Maya, its an idea ...... like the lyrics say ..... "Meri nazar se tum dekho toh - yaar nazar woh aaye! "  

 - Sanket


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