Monday, January 24, 2011

Floating Visions

The earth is soft and cool beneath, 
I can feel the blades of grass
Gently pressed under me, 
Green, young and slightly moist
 Still yet breathing

And I see shifting shadows through closed lids 
Playing - capering - laughing 
As I nestle my head deeper in her lap
Treasuring and preserving
The warmth under my hair

I follow the act and listen to the shadows 
I can hear the merry and begin to smile
A shy, scented drop awakens my skin
And I open my eyes to hold her face
Words elude and sounds fade off
As I marvel a new meaning to beauty

I drink with thirsty eyes
The oval that is my world
Circled lovingly in dark flowing hair
Velvet like silk and soft as silence
Coy and demure

I drink with thirsty eyes
The delicate curve of her neck
Just within reach and yet not
The contours, sensuous and tempting
I nestle my head and smile back

I see myself reflected
In liquid pools of light
See myself anew
Alive and well
Through her eyes

I trace the exquisite lips
Longing their flavor 
Craving through parch 
I want to lift myself
But the warmth lets not

Oh it is such a strife
Painful yet nurturing
An impish pleasure
A sight devine

I drink with thirsty eyes
And I beg life
If this is a dream
Don't wake me up just yet

- Sanket


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