Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Wincing Heart!

Soon a year would have passed
Since the time you last held my heart
The streets have changed
The people have changed
And yet my mind searches ...
Wandering down familiar paths

Long have I bled and hard have I suffered
I should feel anger,
Or I should feel vengeance
And yet, I feel neither.

The days have been numb
And the nights, sleepless
The eyes remain moist,
The Breath, restless .

Nothing can be changed
And Nothing can be done
Yet the heart listens not,
It asks Why and It wonders How?
It doesn't know the answers will never unravel
For questions not be asked

When the day has wound down
And the world is quiet
In the silence of the night
I can still hear your voice.
So fair, so clear
As if you were in my bed - still besides

With the body still living
You took the life out
In return of love, I might have expected many things
But this, I did not imagine
This, I could not

They say forgive and forget
I know not where to start
Should I forget the way we fought?
Or the way you laughed?
How do I remove the scent of your hair
Still coursing, the veins of my heart

I do forgive you
In such a way as I can.
Yet this I promise,
Though far away you may be
Now, in someone else’s arms
On some unexpected evening
In an unguarded hour
You will see the sky turn crimson red
And remember me in that hour.

Remember the smiling eyes
Of a mischievous, yet innocent boy
The boy who gave beyond giving
The man you widowed, without marrying
And you will have to return into his arms
For your sake, I hope truly
He can love you as I once did
As love should be, As I would have!

- Sanket


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