Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Will u stay please?


I dont like people. When I start liking them, they leave :( . As far as I can reach into my memory, people have left me, left me always. It sounds stupid to complain cos everyone has their own life and everyones life takes people in different directions, so one shouldnt expect anyone to be permanent in life. But for some strange pathetic reason, I do.

I had two best friends in school, Anand and Deepu, they left in 10th. Then there was Tai and sir and they left me in 10th too. Then there was my 11th group, these were great people and ones that stuck with me for the most time. Now it feels they are gonna leave too. This was the very reason I didnt like to socialise at all. Whats the point?

Now there is this mirgi group and everyone is gonna leave. This time I myself might be the one leaving cos as fate would have it I might have to move to New Jersey. And I am not liking it. I dont like it! Ganda! Bad!

- Sanket K


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