Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hard Times

Hard Times hit. They are called hard cos they really hit hard. I have to fight. There is hope, there is courage and there is the spirit. This is just a phase, it has to pass.

I am deriving energy from all inspirations possible, friends are very important now. I have to fight, I have to go.


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Friday, April 15, 2005

These Women !

I want to dedicate this blog to some lovely women who seem to have this strange control over me. I am usually fierce about my independence to the point of being paranoid, but these women dont care at all about anything that has to do with the male ego and just override me whenever they want.

First is this girl whom I met in junior college. She was the absolute beauty queen of our campus and for those reasons I always assumed she would never have anything to do with me. As we became friends and I came to know her more I realised how wrong I was in assuming her to be the proud and snobby , typical "look at me" girl. Her mind turned out to be even more beautiful than her looks and her frankness was an endearing joy. Being brought up among guys and a society far more open than us, she was superlative in her understanding of the male mind and had the uncanny habbit of guessing what was on our minds with frightenning accuracy.

Then is this other girl who is the sweetest thing that God ever made for mankind. I met her in junior college and immediately became a fan of her innocence and stupid spectacles. I could never really understand her until after 5 years of our initial meeting when we came close by sheer chance. I could go on talking about her for I admire and respect her so much. The one thing that anyone would notice about her is the utter sweetness of behaviour and thought and well I lack descriptive words here but she is amazing I tell u. Infact I honestly believe that all people who donot know her or havent seen her or havent talked to her even once are pretty miserable and unfortunate for having missed the wonderful experience of knowing her. Its like comming to America and not seeing the Grand Canyon. But I do know her very well so I dont worry about the rest of the world and remain happy with myself.

Then there is my elder sister who also a very very sweet person. The problem though is that many people know this and everyone hogs her time and I dont get any share of it now. I used to ............... earlier but not now :( . But I am still special for her, so that kind of evens things out.

Lastly there is my under graduate crush. Thankfully unlike most crushes that dont work out and then turn out to be no contacts, she still remains a very close friend of mine. Her laughter is unique, like water of spring gushing over pebbles and running hurriedly towards new places. I always always miss our long walks together whenever I think about her. Ya, it does make me sad that it didnt work out btwn us, but well life is not fair anyways.

And so there are these women who posses the elite quality of being able to reverse my intent and get what they want.

The thing is that I am far far away from all of them right now and I miss them terribly now.


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Sunday, April 03, 2005

To Rahul, Chinmay, Mithila, Deepti and Avishkar !


Recently I had a chat conversation with chinmay which was really fun, if u guyz got my mail u will know what I am talking abut. It reminded me how lucky I am to have five of u as friends when most people are not blessed with even one.

So I say to the five of you what Mark Twain once said of a friend.

"If you guyz are ever in trouble,

And I dont come in time to help you out,

Rest assured,

I am dead. "


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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Engineering Highlights!


Following are engineering highlights that need immediate preservation :

1) getting into father agnels.

2) knowing what engineering is, eg mechanics imposition.

3) getting a month of unwanted holiday. - college decision.

4) wasting that month and landing in more trouble than we could imagine.

5) comming back to 1st sem submissions. submissions.

6) the fight to maths 1 exam

7) nikhils call, and me assuring that he will pass in maths 1.

8) 2nd sem begins immediately on the next day.

9) 1st sem results, we all survive.

10) the shortened 2nd sem and the added intensity because of that.

11) getting the freshers party from seniors.

12) 2nd sem preparation days.

13) nikhil comes down with chicken pox.

14) preparing in 2nd sem for various subjects, not studying until last minute.

15) 2nd sem exam starts.

16) rainy day on bee, uncertainity but still exam is conducted.

17) exam over we go to kashmir.

18) most memorable holiday of my life. Kapil misses it and we miss him.

19) 3rd sem begins, most light sem of engineering I remember. nikhil comes from rc colony to chembur old place.

20) organising faces 2001, me as group singing and duet singing head, nikhil as dumb c head and kapil in sports .

20.5) organizing a freshers party for juniors.

21) 3rd sem exam comes, we are experienced by now.

22) still some close calls on electrical networks paper and maths as usual

23) 4th sem begins, subjects are much better, we know most seniors by now eta max is in the air.

24) organising eta max, publicity in colleges esp SNDT.

25) 2nd year comes to an end before we know it.

26) 3rd year begins every one becomes more career conscious and gre looms in the future.

27) taking gre classes, study gets a lot more intensive.

28) 5th sem exam comes, very testing period.

29) exam over, we go to GOA , 5 days 3 bikes, the wind, the beach and the free spirit.

30) armed with vacation and refreshed we enter 6th sem, very 1st day lecture missed, we go to library, ajit is ther with me.

31) most bakwaas sem of all, I hate this sem, starts.

32) people fight over time slots in labs to complete 1500 line programs (OS)

33) 6th sem exam comes, some people give gre some postpone it to final year, I postpone

34) 7th sem begins, incredible is the one word for the things I did in this sem

35) gre comes upfront.

36) taking break from college for gre.

37) facing the gre, most emotionally challenging period for me, bad gre means no US, no US means no life.

38) comming back to college, ssad lecture , Priyanka's b day, get lecture free

39) missing lunch to give tests

40) project comes around, no partner, no concrete direction just blind faith in ability

41) prelims end, submissions start

41.5) getting hospitalized. in the middle of prelims

42) submissions end, vivas start, no preparation time, total disaster

43) vivas take place, we survive, atleast we hope we did.

44) application process.

45) 1 week to 7th sem exam

46) 7th sem exam begins, we donot know what to expect

47) a short break, 1 week

48) 8th sem begins

49) most enjoyable semester of all, sense of things comming to an end, class unites

50) admission to USF comes thru

51) 7th sem results come out, I have a KT

52) admission not affected but things very tight

53) fare well party, many partings, we are relieved but in our hearts we know that we have lived the best days of oue lives.

54) project is completed .

55) submissions very easy now

56) vivas are great

57) exam comes around

58) ai paper finishes, we scream with joy, engineering has ended

59) kt results come thru, I clear, reval results come thru and I clear.

60) visa application and interview

61) visa is granted

62) last meetings and shopping and joy and grief

63) we lift off, engineeing had done its job.


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