Monday, October 02, 2006

A Fall Wish!

From a naive fresh green - they turned a bright yellow, some went orange, some went crimson - as I ran over those fallen - the ones on the trees spoke .....

" Nigh! Is the time, Full is our blossom,
O' Dear friend - Don't run alone

The wind gets colder....
Soon - there will be snow - and off we go
O' Dear friend - don't run alone ...

The clouds are low, the rain is soft ...
The chill air - asks more warmth ..
Two souls, two hearts, two bodies
O' Dear friend - don't run alone ...

True is your heart and strong is your stride
Don't throw your youth - set worries aside
Stop for a moment, you need a pause
Take natures call, sieze the time

And such tricks the nature plays ... I catch my breath, slow to a trot and speak back ...

Great is your beauty and your thought is devine,
But amidst countless duties, in a cruel world
Love is a luxury and Truth is hard to find ..

My heart shares your wish,
But my pride wont yield
Wait I will - until shes truly the queen.

... they russtle with the wind - as though in response

Your words bleed us
But pray we will
We must leave now
But come back - we will

Don't be saddened now
Learn from us and take our hope
Our colors are rare - see them clear
We give you strength - know no fear..

And so I pick up my pace again .. stern are my eyes ... and I run with the wind - till my breath dies.

- Sanket


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