Friday, February 25, 2005

Colors of the sky like rhythms of music flowing in a pattern portraying beauty, fragility and power at the same time!

(c) Copyrights 2005. Sanket U Korgaonkar


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Franklin D Roosevelt once said ... " There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations a lot is given, of some generations a lot is expected, but this generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny . " I am not an American but I think every individual has a certain future.

The last time I wrote this quote was when I had mailed my best friend with the news that I had got my first admission among the list of colleges I had applied to. It was a big thing for me, perhaps the biggest thing, something that had possessed my mind for the better part of my engineering years. And when the admission came through, there was this amazing feeling of life finally picking up speed, a change of direction, a swiftness in the wind an adrenaline rush………… it was magic.

I had come into engineering with a shattered confidence; the aftermath of a terrible failure in one of the most important career points and for the first few months I was busy getting my vital stats back in shape, ambition was a very fuzzy word back then. Which is strange for me cos I have always been the sort of person who believes u culd make a crater on the moon if u threw a stone hard enough. Engineering put me into intensive care, thanks to my college I had a great doctor. Treatment was simple.... 'No one has the time to blow sun shine off ur ass, get to work, show some results or quit'. You learn to prioritize things. You learn that if there is a tiger running behind you, thirsty for ur blood, you cant worry abut ur girl friend's birthday present, shut up ur mouth, channel ur energy, concentrate on the best route and run the hardest u can.

And so I recovered, slowly but surely. And then there was a time for dreams again, the word ambition was becoming less and less fuzzy but my path still lay hidden from me. There were just too many factors out of my hand that were important and I culd do nothing but hope for the best with them.................. as the Air India flight gathered speed to lift off the Mumbai airport, I realized that there are some things in life about which you cannot have all knowledge nor can u control all factors, but if u strive hard and I mean really hard and do everything that is in your control, luck begins to bend your way and life submits to your will. And then you wonder and in your heart you being to understand the meaning of destiny.

How this fiber of life takes turns, knots up into hard puzzles, leads you to strange and surprising places, how it connects with other lives, how complex it can be. And yet perhaps there can be a simple message: 'Don’t worry about things you can’t control but make sure you do all you can.' And when the attempt is made that way and when you realize that the outcome doesn't really matter to you anymore, you know that life has spoken to you.

You know that you are on to a rendezvous with 'Destiny'.

- Sanket


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