Tuesday, February 15, 2005

White Sand, slipping away.

Some say time is a fabric, a dimension and that like space it is all there infront of you. And so the past, the present and the future is all infront of you but u cant see it cos u are on one portion of the fabric.

That aside I think time by itself has always been a mysterious entity to me, simple and complicated at the same time. Simple in the sense that 'Hey, look up in ur watch' and complicated in the sense ' If its a fabric can u jump me to another section?' .

I imagine time as the white sand hour glass figure. Sand from one side goes down into another and then u flip it over and the same thing happens, fairly accurate unit of time though, subject to human error, but thats not my point.

Actually there is no great 'point' here and as any one wuld make out I have gone crazy right now. But there are songs, people, places, friends, jokes, smiles, laughs and yess those horrible controlled tears and smiles that are actually frowns all lost in this white sand.

I always visualize this........... when I was born there was this guy who like flipped this 'my life time' hour glass on me and ever since then this white sand is slipping away and the favourable side of the glass is emptying by the second. And when alll the sand finishes and falls on to the other side........... yes I die :( .

And all the time, all I see and all I do goes down this white sand. So it has been the prime motive for me to do something that cannot be absorbed by the sand , white or what color doesnt really matter. Something that can break out of this glass structure that lesser mortals are bound to, many of whom dont even seem to notice they are bound in one.

And to that end I shuld submit myself, apparently I am not yet inspired enough cos the keen observer will observe that I spent some time down the white sand just typing this.


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