Sunday, June 28, 2009

The lonely road

He walked alone upon the feared road, deserted and discarded,
Toward the forbidden, where the night was black, the day been grey
His footsteps unspeaking, for the sound reached no ear,
His shadow one with the body, 
For even the moon dithered to come near 
The air stagnant except for a wolf's warn
It grew cold, till all warmth was but a memory 
He walked toward hell, he walked to the Satan
He walked without fear, for fear would not stay,
Where hope abandoned
At last he reached his quarry,
In front of him came an abyss

And, into this dark he spoke,
'I come today, to sell my soul

Thus, the Satan was called forth
'Souls are not to be sold, they are fared anew, or taken in a claw, he said
His voice was harsh, though the words, a hiss

'I have made up my mind, and have traveled afar,
Come take my soul, said the man

And so the Satan held his soul, 
'This soul is fair, there is much yet left, why do you wish it to sell?

'I sell, for its cost I can't bear, said the man

'Its not enough to despair,
'Virtue is rare, it is not forfeit at will, replied the Satan

At this the man saddened

'There is a sorrow, tears can't shed
'Some shards of memory, don't lose edge with time
'Few echoes do not fade with distance 
'Such a person sells his virtue, a soul such as mine , cried the man
'Even if I wanted to, there isn't a wealth that would buy
'For with every moral inside, suffering is certain
'Go back to the living, and forgive your soul - said the Satan

At this the man smiled, a smile upon his own, the most painful smile
'What use is the good, if it can't even fetch a dime - cried he

'Think not this way, said the Satan
'Pain alone can burnish a soul
'And only the worthy are given the pain
'Such a soul does not fetch a price
'For its value, is beyond any price

And so the man walked again
Back from the dark and into the light 
Upon him, a new wisdom dawned
He made peace with his pain and embraced hope
The one whose soul won't fetch a price
Priceless was his soul!

 - Sanket

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Unknown said...

lovely sanket.... ur best one till date!

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

Thank you so much! Please send the link to the people you think would enjoy it.


- Sanket

Anuj said...

Fine blend of words & philosophy...Wow, i've become a fan of your words...Keep posting!

Parth J Dave said...

Hey dude,
Your writing reminds me of Kahlil Gibran!!!

Awesome work, man...this is definitely one of your best works!

Aersh said...

wow man!!! this is certainly the best you ever wrote.

"Pain alone can burnish a soul
'And only the worthy are given the pain
'Such a soul does not fetch a price
'For its value, is beyond any price"

lovely words.

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

@Anuj: Thank You indeed, I try to post once every two weeks, but if you don't find anything new posted, please do read the articles and poems sorted by labels from the label cloud - or try the Random Quill link to see where it might take you :)

@Aersh: Thank you! Please do send the link to those who might like it.

@Parth: Unfortunately I do not know Kahlil so well, will find out though. So far according to wikipedia, you have awarded me a great distinction :) Thank You for reading.

- Sanket

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work Sanket.

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

@ Anonymous: Thank you, keep reading please. I hope you enjoy everything this site has to offer.

Preethi said...

Wow!!! Totally cool :) Makes brilliant sense. I love the part - "Pain alone can burnish a soul
And only the worthy are given the pain"
Kinda makes me feel proud now for all that I have pained for and pained of :)

Smriti said...

hey....that was a nice n interesting read :)

tho i guess it cd hv bn trimmed a lil it still is a thumbs up :)

btw, as the dialogue began, it reminded me of the novel, Dr. m glad...tht ur ending didn't lead u to fall bt hope instead :)

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

@Preethi: Yes, thats exactly the message I wanted to convey to people. That even though pain is hard to deal with, its also something to be proud of.

@Rene: BY all means - please email - the slimmer version :) N I dont know Dr. Faustus - :(

Padmaja Ganti said...

hey sanket...thats brilliant....i loved the way you put it, the thought, the message everything, just perfect...looking forward to many more....

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

@Padmaja - Thank you so much for the comment, look forward to hearing your views on my other poems, you can get them through the labels link on the bottom of the post.

@Neeraj, Phantom, Darshana and Zeeba - thank you for joining the blog, I heartily welcome you. Please do read and post feedback, it will only make me a better writer.

missmarple82 said...


I think this is one of the best ones I have read. I love the positive tone in the poem... keep it up.



Anu said...

I really loved this one. Sometimes we may think our soul is not worth being saved but it sure as hell is :)

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