Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Long ?

How long will winter last for the young seed
As it dies alive, its spring denied

How long will the storm rage for the bird on edge
Waiting, for its wings to fly

How long should the capers halt before they lose step
As the child grows up and the boy dies

How long should the strings bear stretch
Their tunes mute, craving a master's hand

How long do the corks stay shut, as the wine waits
For a celebration to come by

How long should the secrets search a ear
Before they lose scent, And their mystery spoils

How long do the eyes fight sleep, their lust longing a touch
And desire succumbs to its own cries

How long do the lips hold shut, And silence the screams
Before they forget how to smile

How long should a heart seek love
Before it fills itself with ungiving sand

How long will the winter last, for the frosted seed
Why was its spring denied ??

- Sanket

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anamika said...

very well written .No doubt its heart touching but i believe that no wait is till eternity.:)

Aersh said...

lovely poem... there are so many things for which we have to wait... of course there is a feeling of restlessness - a sense of protest, but sometimes we just need to wait.

mithila said...

its heavy.. a little too heavy for my taste and the words seem forced somehow. :(

Parth Dave said...

So beautifully written...

...Try to link your lines to make it more comprehensive!


Anuj said...

Hey, it's rare to find poetry like this which leaves an impact through simple words. Your style is really unique!!Great going!

Akiiiiiiiiii said...

the poem is nice and touching but u will have to think to use vocab that's easy for everyone to understand.

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

Thank you all for your feedback and encouragement. Poetry is always more tricky (and fun) because I don't know how it is going to shape itself, I write poetry when prose can't do justice and the truth is too painful to say it plain.

Its always left for the reader's interpretation. If you liked it, I am much obliged.

Keep reading and keep commenting,

- Sanket

riya singh said...

i liked the poem
but more than everything else, i loved the styling of ur artictic and creative
i'll keep keep the zing alive :)

Sanket Korgaonkar said...


Thanks Riya, I do hope you keep coming back, I usually post once every two weeks, so every alternate saturday sort of - but if you visit and don't find anything new, feel free to read posts under one of the labels I have floating on the right. The posts aren't about present day events or like a diary - so you can read a post from 2005 and it will still be relevant.

Oh! And thanks for the compliment. I spent a lot of time designing and tweaking the blog. I really hope it can serve as a resting place for readers.


- Sanket

Runa said...

LOVE is definitely worth waiting for :)
I just admire your style of expression!

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