Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Questions unasked ..

Will you hear the story of a man
The man who once set on a search
He searched for water in an unforgiving land
Through relentless heat, In an endless desert
Till he saw mirages in vain, Mirages on the searing sand

Will you hear the tale of a beast
Tied by a chain to a rock at birth
He tried to escape but fell at each try
Till he forgot the sound of wind and mirth and  joy 
A beast he grew to be, Yet convinced once more to try 

Will you listen to the whispers of a child
Left in a stormy sea to find his own 
Without a guide and without an oar
Listen to the whispers of that child
A child he remained, no more

Will you understand when I ask you
Can you see the child my friend 
Beyond the harsh black of the mans eyes
Can you hear the beast in his spirit 
Hear the heaves and cries he tries to hide

Will you quench the thirst of that man
The man who gave up hope
But could not give up his pride
An unknown destination he seeks
A quest through pain, on a faltering stride 

Will you believe me my love
That I searched for you day and night
Alas! I am now a lost man, Lost on the desert sand
Will you lend a hand or let it be
Will I be forever lost, Or will you find me?

 - Sanket

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Anonymous said...

great poem .. the last line touched me ..keep it up

Anonymous said...

i think that you are have the soul of wordsworth or something in you

when I read your poems I feel like I am back in Lit class

Zimbly zweet said...

awesome sanki ... as all other posts!!!
theres depth, feel and deftly stirs the soul.

and well, it takes more than a creative mind to write this. hmm ... hope to see some "happier" poems too in future :)

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

Hey all,

Thanks a lot for your comments. It is deeply appreciated. And Niru - thanks so much for being as intelligent as you are :) - hehe - you got to give me credit though - I mask it well with all my non sense. :)


- Sanket

Anonymous said...

wow, really liked it :)

Runa said...

One of those poems where you can feel the intensity of every word...see a vivid picture of every line that is penned down.
Loved the lines
"Can you see the child my friend
Beyond the harsh black of the mans eyes"

Sanket said...

Hey Runa,

Thanks so much for the comment. :) Sincerely appreciate it. If you liked reading this poem, you will like reading 'The Wincing Heart' - you can find it at ( - Keep reading and keep commenting - its a writers greatest reward. :) - Sanket

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