Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Evening Run!

Everyone knows exercising is a good thing - and from what I have seen jogging seems to be a very popular form. I started running rather late in life. Being from Mumbai, I was always made to run enough through daily activities like -  catching my local train and beating the lecture bell etc. . So it was only after a semester in Florida, tons of fast food and added pounds later that I realized - I should -  u know - start running. Once started though, after an initial struggle period, I have come to love it. 

I think jogging/running is a true diagnostic of your body. If you don't believe me - try doing this (in the order and time frame I suggest) - bend your neck so that your chin touches the chest - recover to a normal posture, repeat 5 times, now do the same thing with the neck turning to your sides - this should get your neck muscles alive - now do 50 jumping jacks - and after that immediately sit on the floor and do toe touches 15 seconds a piece - all without halting to recover your breath. 

I know what you are saying ...... "This isn't jogging!" - I know that - its warm up - if you failed to do this comfortably, you probably should start with a walk - and then graduate to jogging. Assuming you passed though, heres what jogging would do for you....

It frees your lungs and clears your respiration tracks, this is an activity where the body needs a lot of oxygen and so the first thing its gonna do is clear all respiratory paths - it means if you have a cough - or a cold - or a jammed nose, its gonna let you know - exactly all of that.

Once you run a while, your legs would start aching, and if you haven't run a lot - its telling you - that those muscles aren't conditioned enough. When running, your whole body needs to be in sync, it has to get its 'act' together, so if you have any joint problems or other issues, you will come to know immediately. 

If you have a large tummy, chances are its gonna start bouncing awkwardly under your shirt - and - you will feel ......... "This isn't supposed to happen !!!" - Yup, it isnt! but dont worry if it happens for the first few times - you got to start somewhere. If you had a bad lunch or dinner yesterday, your body is going to let you know that too, lack of water - no problem - you will immediately feel that. 

And so - in a way, its a great thing, its your charge free doctor, a complete head to toe check up - for free! I know what you are saying ..... "Who wants to know everything that is wrong with their body???" - to which I say ... "Well! Its better to hear it from yourself than someone else pointing it out!" 

The key is to stick with it. No matter what the verdict on day 1 - you just got to keep coming back. And then a day comes when you know - you have run longer and your tummy isn't bouncing at all - in fact you don't feel awkward - your legs are not paining as much and your lungs are just so FUBARed (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) that they have stopped complaining and are now working smooth. And you feel - you deserve an award! haha - Dont worry its - its own reward. 

Anyways - so I go running in the evenings and when I am too tired to run or out of breath, I just drop down and do push ups, sit ups and squats. Today, as I was on my third set of sit ups, beats of 'Gud! Nal ishq mitha!' ringing in my ears, I was well - interrupted by what I think was the biggest german shepherd dog ever! Hastily, I tried to recover to a sitting position - which I assume the dog did not like at all -  since it started growling - and just the growl could be heard over my ipod - I did not want to imagine what the bark would feel like! 

"Ginger!!!" The dog's owner called out - and the dog - being loyal as dogs are (thank GOD for that) - retracted. Huh! The dogs owner walked up to me - a very pretty blonde - I must say ...
"Sorry about that - Ginger gets excited and runs away on evening walks!" - Hmmm  - so the dogs name was Ginger! She was still growling at me and throwing invisible hate bombs with her stare....

In my wildest dreams, I might imagine that I have scorned some women ( and even thats not an impressive record - I tell you) - but I did not know of doing any wrong to Ginger. Its like she hated me for no reason :(  ! Anyways whatever!!! I moved on to do my plank. 

This is another one of my fav things, if you thought you are light and healthy, try the plank for 90 seconds, you will feel like you weigh much more than you ought to! There are tons of you tube videos on how to - so I wont get into that. 

So anyways I was doing that - and I saw Ginger - now across the street  - on the park lawn in front of me. She raised a leg and pee'ed. I was like ... "Hey! Thats my workout spot!!" 

Duff!!! - she just looked at me - and went away - in what I imagine was the most sinister smile. As if I wasn't enough afraid of women already! Thanks to Ginger, now - I wouldn't feel comfortable laying down on any piece of grass near my home. They exact revenge for no reason - I tell you. 

Right about the same time - 'Cylinder Uncle' walked by and waved a 'Hi' to me. 'Cylinder Uncle' - as I call him  - is easily 70+ - he catches the morning bus with me - and every day walks up to the stop with a portable oxygen cylinder in his bag - a tube running to his nose. I mean - granted Ogden has high elevation and scarce air - and he 's old - but a CYLINDER!!!  I still remember the first time I saw him, I secretly prayed - "Please! GOD if I ever get THAT  old - just shoot me!".

Aaaand then I finished my workout - and came back home.  Simple - end of story. Ha! This was a weird piece wasn't it!

 - Sanket 

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missmarple82 said...

If i went running outside... may be it will be so much fun! I will probably give it a shot instead of just running on the treadmill.... Well written! I like the idea of cylinder uncle... and is the name of that dog really ginger??

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

Yeah! I have a gym membership - but I prefer running outside. Although, using the gym has its own charms, Oh and yes! the dogs name really was Ginger! Thank you for the comment - keep reading :)

- Sanket

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