Thursday, May 24, 2007

Satyameva Jayate!

Satyameva Jayate! is the national moto of India. Something that I have been taught since the very beginning of my education. Something that I have believed with all my heart. Simply put - it means 'Truth alone triumphs'.

It brings into light the tragic shortcomings of the Indian education system - a system thats been in place since forever and refuses to adapt to modern changes and realistic idealism. For all that is worth, Truth, is the rarest commodity in India. Given a chance, I would teach the national motto to kids with a caveat - 'Truth alone triumphs ............ in the end.'

So heres me posing a basic conundrum to the 0.1% of readers who would understand this blog. Given that Truth triumphs in the end, we have a choice; to lead a life of principles or to take the shorter conscious free road. A few years ago - I would have said - the shorter route isn't really an option at all. In a way - it isn't - if you truly are a man of principles, then breaking them is never an option.

But it leads me to wonder..... wonder and look at people and friends - who have no such restrictions, people who lie when convenient and live their life until death claims them. Is it really as bad as I would think???

I don't know, on the one hand, you have an entire life of struggle and suffering with glory at the end...... on the other hand, you have a conscious free rich life and earthly pleasures - until one final day - you die.

Principles or not - courage or not - I believe, in the end what matters is - "Of the days you were alive. how many did you spend - happy and content?' ......... and if a consciousfree guy gets to spend his life in a majorly happy state, then I would wish him to remain the same... as opossed to a stupid person - who just blindly believes in Truth - not knowing that the happiness he seeks for in such a way - might take the rest of limited life and make it a living hell.

Any ideas as to which should a person prefer??

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Андрей said...

Hi, I think Truth is not just a mere ideal, a word from a dictionary... Desires and earthly pleasures bring only disappointments, when fleeting joy of desire ends, only ash remains. and in the end of our lives we realize, that we have nothing, and what we have lived for is just a ghost of joy, while true satisfaction is far away from us. But truth itself is a satisfaction, it will shine after all earthly things will die.
I am not indian but I deeply admire true indian culture, it's people, it's music and it's message. In India there are butiful and sacred books, Bhagavad Gita for example, there is written more, than I could share from my expirience.

Andrei, Moldova

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

Dear Andrei,

First of all thank you for your comment. It is deeply appreciated. Second of all - good choice. :) I guess I needn't say more.


- Sanket

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