Friday, September 29, 2006

The Chaos theory of Life!

In the most basic terms – ‘Chaos Theory’ states that even though some things might seem chaotic on the surface – there can be a genuine function associated with them. That in order for something to be functional – a proper order – or a concrete symmetric form isn’t necessary. That if you look close enough – patterns will start to emerge – that order can be found in chaos – and even great Beauty!

Given my infinitesimal knowledge of fractal geometry – that’s all I ever thought about chaos theory ……… until recently when I thought I had caught a rare string – and so I followed that thought and traced it to a point where it became absolutely imperative for me to write a blog on it.

Being a Virgo I had this obsessive need to make sense out of everything – to find an order in all events. While I don’t believe in sun signs and horoscopes anymore than I believe in ghosts – I am forced to admit that I do display many characteristics of a typical Virgo. Anyways – so the point of this ‘personal revelation’ exercise is to say that I used to worry about a lot of things – most of the things and used to get really upset if they didn’t seem in the order I wanted them to be.

And so I wanted to see order in Life – while its possible to some extent – there can never be a total harmony to life – and for some infant reason it irritated me. The matter of fact is that our lives are seldom ever isolated – unh hn – they are inter linked with other lives – the lives of our friends – and loved ones – and our enemies at that. And as much as we want certain events in our life to deliver a positive outcome – because of these links and the inherent chaos in everyone else’s life – things sometimes do not turn out to be the way we would have wished them to be. It happened with an incident in my life – quite recently in fact.

In the process of admonishing nature for making life so messy- I thought well you know … maybe there is a beauty to this chaos – and maybe its function and harmony lie in the mess it creates. No matter what our personal tragedies – and no matter how many of them we have faced – it would take a dumb of the first order to deny that there is still incredible beauty and an undeniable purpose to each life created. Like chaos theory – it takes a close look to discover the subtle patterns in life.

Consider an analogy – imagine you trace the words L I F E in chalk on the floor – now you fill the borders of these letters with sugar – and you open a can of ants and let them roam the floor – given sufficient distance between the letters – sooner or later all ants will get busy collecting sugar within the traced borders. If you see life from an ant’s point of view – theres total chaos – ants running into each other giving messages – but following wherever they can find sugar and bringing it back to the core. Even on a top view – if you look into the details of one letter – you wouldn’t see a lot to appreciate – but take yourself higher – to a level where the letters now are clear and they appear filled – you will see

L I F E. And there in lies the pattern – a beauty.

So may be GOD did put us all into borders and made us chase sugar – greed – money – sex – fame – pleasure. And while our lives collide with each other – and give them an appearance of total chaos – he might actually be seeing a whole different picture.

Try as I may – I am still earth bound – still an ant inside the borders and while I can imagine – I cannot – and not any other mortal for that matter see – what the true pattern of life is. But maybe its meant not to be figured out – maybe its just taking relief in the fact that there is an eye watching over us all.

An astronomical collision eliminated dinosaurs – since then – so much time has passed – with the universe still potent of a similar attack – yet – earth survives – things have gone past us and hit the moon (craters don’t seem beautiful now – do they?) – What is it that governs the universe? What is it that makes some things break – and in the destruction make others? Even the wisest can only speculate! Its like trying to see the bigger picture.

Wow! Someday you know – I would like to make a ladder of all ants and climb on top and see whats really goin on.

- Sanket K

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neha said...

trust me.... this is the best u ve written so far......the best part of the article is the analogy between an ant and a human being.....abt 'taking yourself higher – to a level where the letters are clear and they appear filled' calls for a lot of retrospection.......firstly v wud never value harmony in the absence of chaos..............secondly to take yourself higher a level where life seems completely harmonious!! a point where v cud stand chaos and believe that there ought 2 be harmony beyond it............probably v r too young

mithila said...

hey... good job sanki.. very well written indeed..

Zlaek said...

Sure enough, after all that solid (constructive) criticism, I knew I had to see this post.

Chaos theory. Something that's been and gone through my mind.

Your post speaks of a lot of things. But stops at that. I'd like to state here that I'm not contradicting you. The analogy you draw is MOST convincing.

As you've read Ayn Rand, and recommended it too, I understand that you believe "reason" is our only tool.

On the other hand, you made a statement-- "...But maybe its meant not to be figured out."
Now that's a baseless assumption. I lived on that half my life, (and look at the irony) I'm still talking to you, posting here, interacting with humans, ALL ON THAT VERY ASSUMTION. Else, life, death would be a merged concept for me, which it still doesn't seem to be.

Talking about the bigger picture always disturbs me. After a certain stage in my growth-- I have come to the conclusion that we can never say how big or how small we are (in fact, we can question the concept of SIZE). We just know we're bigger than ants and smaller than dinos. That we associate these concepts with processes to enhance our knowledge of the universe... again seems a tad bit baseless.
Now the only area we can attach these concepts to-- is the human life. And therefore, that post of mine. I've been in here and through all of it.

There were always too many questions. Then we found answers to some of them. Most of the answers themselves became newer questions, and it went on that way until you realise questions/answers are a MERGED concept. And it doesn't stop there, it turns into a hazy kind of a thing. All that clarity (like clean lines crossing over each other) coming together creates the haze. I just merged another pair of concepts.

The einstein/newton way is richer than all the rest of it surely, the best the world has seen perhaps. But it was ALL about seeing things-- and generating patterns. That's what science is. A higher level poetry. Do you realize the universe is just a POSSIBILITY-- that which our nervous system may percieve...?

And terms such as "bigger picture" "somewhere on top" etc, are all a part of (response to) that very own perception of ours, and nothing beyond. What makes you think there'd exist a view point from where it'll all be clear?

Happy thinking.
Interesting post.

Yes, i'll write regularly

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