Thursday, May 26, 2005

One Year!


Today I completed one year to the day I submitted my last paper of Engineering. We had our AI paper after a four day holiday on 26th Maty 2004. After we completed the paper we suddenly realized that this is it. We are done with engineering. The four year roller coaster ride was over. It some how didnt sink in, still doesnt.

For someone like me who was involved in almost every campus activity be it technical or cultural, it was just an impossibility. People like me can never mentally shed the titles we held, the positions we worked on and the experiences we had.

For four years that campus was my home. Literally. Cos for four years it occupied me 80% of the time physically and 100% of the time mentally. Engineering isnt any educational course you do, its a life style you would adopt when u enter in.

Anyways, its been one year and its unbelievable -- well not unbelievable but surely something surreal and unearthly, something that is hard to comprehend. If you were to ask me today or infact anytime later, no matter what further education I might have completed, my identity would always remain the same : I am an Engineer.


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