Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just an Observation!


People dont like change, I myself dont like change. Once you get used to a set of people and an environment, you dont want that to change.

Change means a new environment. New experiences that need new reactions to adjust. Its just against our basic instinct of survival. It is this instinct of survival of avoiding injury and hurt that gives u the nerves when u go into a new terrain.

On the other hand, any person in his right frame of mind would accept that change is a universal truth of life. Then why does one resist when faced with changes?

Any suggestions?

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Java Boy!!! said...

hmmm change is scary
change is going outside our comfort zone, we know what is in our comfort zone, we don't know what is out of our comfort zone. why go away from something we know. we as humans fear what we don't know and so we fear change

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Jamie Ann said...

I think that Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 AD) put it quite well when he wrote “The universe is change: our lives are what our thoughts make them.” Personally, I’m very delighted that my life is about to change, always changing.
However, I will say that there’s safety in sameness and predictability. When you’re not quite sure what’s around the corner, it gives rise to a little trepidation. Some people freak out and get stuck right there. Thankfully, I am not one.

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Anand Iyer said...

Change is the spice and basic essence of life. Imagine a life without change--wud b so boring and predictable. Moreover, for a guy who once gave me the best Goddamn quote I hav ever heard---Only those who have faith in their convictions dare 2 swim against the tide-------shudnt really b averse 2 change. Cheers!!!!!!

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