Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The local news paper!


Today I discovered a great link http://epaperdaily.timesofindia.com . It gives me Times od India on the computer every day. Click of a button and viola! there it is. People might argue that the TOI has turned into all but a tabloid. Well I dont really care about that at all.

As I surfed the e pages of my beloved paper, I remembered my glory days. Waking up at 6:30 am to the tunes of Radio Mirchi FM, rushing to catch the 7:10 slow to cst, missing it then catching the 7:29 fast, getting down at kurla and rushing onto the harbor platform, buying a TOI for 3 bucks and taking the comfi seat in the first class, 8:06 to Vashi. Reading the paper while discussing the radio on the train, company of seniors and juniors (no there were no classmates on the train, strange inst it! ) and then enjoying the ever fierce wind at the vashi - mankhurd bridge a daily 3 minute joy ride. And as the train entered the horizons of vashi, I could see the purple brown tops of girls hostel building and the main building top illuminated beautifully in the morning sunlight. Next into the line of vision were the magnificient Vashi towers at the railway station. And before u knew u were there, on a fabulous railway station (second only to the great VT ).

And as u got down onto the platform the tasks of the day would return to ur head, the TOI went in to the book bag. Day in Day out 6 days a week most weeks a year for four years I had this routine, through fire and cold loneliness, through the chaos of submission to the serenity of passing chits in class, the TOI was a faithful partner.

Each day I would scrounge the paper for the word 'US', indeed any US related news rarely , missed my eye. Today as I live and breathe in the US of A, living a dream that only the TOI can truly testify to, I miss this true friend of mine. And ya I am so so glad that I can see it online.

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